Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

Quality Code

The Higher Education Quality Code is the main document for all quality assurance processes and procedures in higher education (HEIs). It sets state quality standards, mandatory for implementation by higher education institutions.

The Quality Code was drafted by a working group set up by order of the Minister of Education and Sports.

Quality Code amended by DCM no. 824, dated 24.12.2021 (point 3 repeals DCM no. 531, dated 11.09.2018) is a summary of state standards for quality assurance, for study programs of professional character, programs of the first cycle of Bachelor studies, study programs of the second cycle "Professional Master", "Master of Science" and "Master of Arts", as well as for integrated second cycle study programs. The QAAHE and HEIs rely on the Quality Code for the implementation of external evaluation processes.

Code of Quality of Higher Education approved by DCM no. 824, dated 24.12.2021

Code of Quality of Higher Education approved by DCM no. 531, dated 11.09.2018 (Albanian Version)