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ENGINE - "Modernization of engineering curricula in renewable energy in Albanian Universities", co-financed by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union and directed by the Polytechnic University brings together 11 partners. The aim of the project is to modernize and internationalize the curricula of the VET and Bachelor in Engineering for Renewable Energies in the target universities in Albania through the innovation of the curricula in accordance with the new development in the area and the demand in the labor market. The use of renewable energy sources and the improvement of energy efficiency ensure a stable economy based on the conditions of scientific development. In order to fulfill all the national objectives and obligations set by the EU for the member countries, but also for the candidate countries (such as Albania), it is necessary to raise the awareness of the new generation about the use of RES, improve energy efficiency, design of curricula. and improving existing ones, training academic staff and building laboratories, and expanding the network of cooperation with International Higher Education Institutions for the recognition and implementation of modern energy technologies.

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The main objective of the project is to support quality assurance (QA) agencies and national authorities responsible for higher education, in six countries such as Albania, the Czech Republic, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, and Slovakia, to create an assurance system of quality, in accordance with ESG, which is one of the main commitments of the Bologna Process.
More specifically, the project aims to achieve: a legal framework in accordance with ESG (European Standard Guidelines); alignment of quality assurance processes with the ESG method; linking national criteria to ESG; appropriate methods and criteria for the involvement of external evaluators and stakeholders in external quality assurance.

Activities in the framework of the SEQA-ESG project:

Date November 4, 2020

Date 28 - 29 June 2022

Date 1 - 2 September 2022

Date 23 November 2022


DualAFS is an EU-funded project in the field of education in Kosovo and Albania. It aims at better employability of graduates, knowledge, and innovative capacity in agricultural and zootechnical sciences, as well as improving business competitiveness in the agriculture and food sector to earn better income in the future. The project is structured in 9 work packages: WP1 – Project Establishment, WP2 – Baseline Survey Research, WP3 – Capacity Building and Learning Materials, WP4 – Curriculum Development, WP5 – Equipment, WP6 – Approval for Piloting and Accreditation, WP7 – Elements of the Quality Plan, WP8 – Dissemination of information about project activities and results, WP9 – Project management.

The Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education is one of the associated partners part of this project.

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