Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

Workshop: "Quality Standards for First Cycle, Second Cycle Studies and Professional Programs in Higher Education: Reflecting on the Quality Assessment Process", November 23, 2018

The purpose of this training was to introduce new quality standards for the first cycle, second cycle and professional programs in higher education, to have information and training regarding the changes and reflections that the new program standards will have, , evaluation formats, internal and external evaluation process, evaluation documentation and evaluation methodology and judgment by the evaluation experts.

Activity materials

Workshop Program, November 22, 2018  

Prof. Dhurata Bozo, Director of ASCAL  

MSc. Emisa Isufaj, Head of Department of Statistics and Analyses, ASCAL, ASCAL 

MSc. Renata Qatipi, Specialist of Promotion and Quality Assessment Department, ASCAL  

MSc. Xhiliola Bixheku, Head of Promotion and Quality Assessment Department, ASCAL  


 Photos during the activity

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