Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

ASCAL Director and Accreditation Board Members Interview for “Education Auditor” on TVSH

Director of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (ASCAL) Mr. Elvin Gjevori, Chairman of the Accreditation Board Prof. Arjan Gjonca and Accreditation Board Member Prof. Arben Merkoci was interviewed about the process of accreditation and quality assurance in higher education in the "Auditor Education" program on TVSH. They presented the work of ASCAL and the Accreditation Board, explaining the accreditation and decision-making process of the Board and outlined the measures taken and are being taken to accredit study programs in public HEIs in Albania. During the program it was emphasized that the accreditation process is an essential element for quality assurance in higher education in Albania. Accreditation of study programs in public HEIs has the potential to enhance the quality of teaching and to contribute to the fulfillment of students' requirements for quality education.