Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

ASCAL Director Mr. Elvin Gjevori gives interview to A2CNN regarding National Student Survey

In the A2 CNN studio, Mr. Elvin Gjevori, director of the Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education talks about the National Student Survey initiative, which is completed online by Albanian students. The survey started on April 16, 2019 and will go on until May 5, 2019. The ASCAL Director spoke on the main goals of this Survey.

"The main goal is to have a structured and comprehensive overview of the satisfactory level students have with the quality of academic service they receive. Based on students’ thinking, higher education policies and perception will be structured according their perception. There are 41 active HEIs in Albania, which have filled us on their student emails. We have sent an email to these students with the subject 'National Student Survey' on April 16th with the unique link from which they can complete the survey.

Following the completion of the Survey we will first release some preliminary data and by the end of the summer a complete final and individual report for each higher education institution will be issued. These reports will be made available to the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth as the main policy-making institution for higher education, and will be forwarded to each HEI to know their students' opinion on the academic service they receive, as well will be made public on our site at ASCAL. This survey will enable all the high school graduates to know the opinion of the current students about the branch they are considering to study. " Said Mr. Gjevori.

On May 5, 2019, the National Student Survey is finally closed.

Source A2 CNN