Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

ASCAL Director Mr. Elvin Gjevori gives interview to ABC News regarding National Student Survey

The Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education is conducting the National Student Survey. ASCAL Director, Mr.Elvin Gjevori, was invited to the ABC News studio, where he said the survey was postponed, giving students the opportunity to be all participants.

According to him, the main purpose of the survey is to change higher education policies in the future by looking at the problems that students themselves express.

“We had planned finishing the survey on May 2, but given the increase in response lately, but also the holidays, we postponed it to May 5, 2019. This survey has never been done before, it's a novelty for us, for the students. It is important to incorporate their problems into higher education policies. The data will be provided to Higher Education Institutions. For prospective students who are thinking about their future studies can refer to the student evaluation survey to base their choice. This information will be publicly available. All these elements are fulfilled by the national student survey,”Gjevori said.

Mr. Gjevori explained that the students’ anonymity is guaranteed.

"By email we sent them the link where they can access the poll. The answers will come to us through this platform. The way it was conceived is that only students could access it. Through this platform we ensure that only students participate in it and the anonymity is ensured. We are interested in their answers, not who they might be, "he said.

The National Student Survey ends on May 5. At the end of May some preliminary data will be released and by the end of the summer a final report and specific reports for each Higher Education Institution will be issued.

It is also intended that the survey be conducted every 2-3 years to measure student impulse.

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