Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

ASCAL Director Mr. Elvin Gjevori gives interview to Top Channel regarding National Student Survey

The youth attending higher education in Albania have been e-mailed the "National Student Survey", which is a measuring tool on the opinions of students in higher education institutions. The survey will be completed anonymously.

Elvin Gjevori: "Every student in Albania has the opportunity to respond to the National Student Survey and give his opinion on the quality of teaching, the institutional support and the support that higher education institutions give to them."

ASCAL will summarize the data to convey the opinion of the students to the relevant instances.

Elvin Gjevori: "A general report on the situation in Albania and a special report for all higher education institutions based on the faculties they have will be issued. In this way, both the institutions and the ministry will know the students' opinion, and together will try to find a structured way to solve real problems from the students' point of view. "

Source Top Channel