Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

Information on the the evaluation processes progress in the context of the accreditation of HEIs

Following the last meeting of the Accreditation Board on September 21-22, the decision-making process for institutional accreditation of 16 public and private higher education institutions in the country is now confirmed.

Meanwhile, the evaluation process is still underway, according to the provisions of the contract between the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth (Ministry of Education and Sport) and the British Quality Assurance Agency, which is its final phase. This process ends in October, with the finalization of the final reports of the 7th group of HEIs. Detailed information on the timing and stages of this process is available at: https://www.aaal.edu.al/accreditation/review-process.

We emphasize that in the contract with QAA, all institutions active at the time of signing this contract, private HEIs and public HEIs were included, in the framework of the accreditation process. The latter (The public HEI-s), are subjects for the first time to evaluation in the context of institutional accreditation, whereas many private HEIs have previously conducted such processes with positive and still valid accreditation period, while the BA was deciding on evaluations conducted in collaboration with the British agency.