Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

Informative meeting with higher education institutions

On 4.12.2017, the Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ASCAL) organized an informative meeting with representatives of public and private institutions (HEIs) on legal changes and their reflection on external evaluation procedures. The event took place at Hotel Tirana with the main focus on legal and sub-legal changes; their effects on quality assurance processes in Higher Education. Also in this meeting were discussed other issues such as:

  • Evaluation and accreditation procedures; presentation of the “Manual on the new quality assessment procedure, for institutional accreditation and study programs,
  • Updating ASCAL Management System to all Quality Assurance processes in accordance with current predictions and procedures,
  • Simulation of the system use and after each session discussions and feedbacks about specific aspects of these changes

During his speech, the Director of ASCAL thanked the institutions of higher education for the readiness and cooperation shown during the process of institutional accreditation with the British agency QAA and expressed confidence that the institutions have already gained the necessary experience to be more engaged in providing and enhancing the quality in higher education.

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