Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

New quality assurance standards are discussed

Following the meeting dated 4.12.2017, the Quality Assurance Agency (ASCAL) and the Accreditation Board (BA) organized a seminar on "Discussion of new quality assurance standards" on 14.12.2017. The working group provided participants with their first draft, which was presented to the institutions for discussion and proposals for eventual changes. In addition to introducing new standards, working groups were set up during the workshop (4 such parallel groups lead by BA members), who discussed the content in detail and analyzed various evaluation and judgment cases.

The meeting was attended by representatives of HEIs with experience in the field of quality assurance. The presentation of the BA member was followed with great interest, which presented a number of issues and aspects that should be part of the new standards given the problems and necessary improvements of the newly passed institutional accreditation process with the QAA. While the President of BA, Mr. Gjonca, after thanking the institutions for the commitment shown in the accreditation with QAA, invited them to be part of discussions and debates in order to draft inclusive quality standards and to enhance the quality of higher education.