Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

Seminar: “ESG 2015 as a Tool for Change”

On June 6-7 in Lisbon, the workshop on “ESG 2015 (Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the Higher Education Field in the European Area)” was organized by ENQA and partners.

This document aims to be a means for change in higher education, in the context of the changes of recent decades in all other areas of life, especially those in technology. Among other things, the transparency provided by ESG 2015 was appreciate because of the impact on social responsibility and responsiveness. Two specialists from PAAHE staff participated in this seminar.

The main issues discussed were:

If students' needs are really being met, are they being provided with the right information, in the right form? Are student-centered learning methods properly applied (Student Centered Learning- SCL)? How is student involvement in quality assurance in higher education being implemented?
In the external quality assurance system of higher education in our country, student participation is ensured through the membership of one of their representatives in the Accreditation Council.

Among other conclusions reached were that the primary responsibility for quality assurance in higher education rests with the HEIs. But the functioning and well-organized quality assurance agencies, with clear and previously announced procedures for the parties involved in this process and other interested groups, serves as an indicator for the continued growth and maintenance of quality in the higher education. PAAHE, using its mechanisms, which aims to further enrich itself in line with ESG and the legal context in which it operates, strives to ensure by various methods the involvement of students, international assessment experts and / or other interested parties involved in external quality assessment in the higher education.

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